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Facility & Spectator Guidelines


Wheaton CollegeParents are welcome to observe any of our team practices from designated spectator areas. Please remember that we are guests of all facilities we rent, and please observe all facility-specific guidelines. Please note that use of photography or video equipment, including cell phones, is prohibited during all practices.

Wheaton College Specific Guidelines

Wheaton College asks that spectators remain in the pool balcony or in the North hallway (by the All-American swimming photos) at all times. Specifically, the College would like to avoid congestion in the main entrance hall and to keep the track free from spectators. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Swimmers under 14 must be supervised when using the locker rooms.

College of DuPage Specific Guidelines

The parking lot has been reconfigured.  You can park in any regular space just outside the pool, but please do not park directly in front of or block the entrance for drop off.

When you enter the building, you will see the grand stair case just in front of you.  Swimmers stay to the left of the grand stair case and you will see the locker rooms immediately on the left.  Spectators will go up the staircase and the balcony will be on your left.

As always remember that there is no food on deck or in the balcony.  There is a café area by the main entrance if spectator would like to eat or drink anything of their own or from the café. 

If you have younger siblings with you please keep them in the balcony area, and not running through the halls.  After the renovation there is MUCH more foot traffic in this part of the building, including classes, workouts, and community usage.

As always remember we are guests in any facility we use! Please treat the facility and its staff with the highest level of respect at all times!

For PM practices please arrive no sooner than 7:05 and be prepared to enter the water at 7:15.  We will enter the pool deck as soon as the staff opens and will swim 2 hours.  There is no food or drink allowed on the pool deck except water.  Please bring all your bags etc on the pool deck and do not use a locker in the locker room.

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