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High School Swimming

Many of our swimmers swimmers also compete for their high schools, who sponsor IHSA participating Swimming and Diving teams. In Illinois, girls swim for their high schools from August through Thanksgiving, while boys participate from Thanksgiving through February.  Additionally, Wheaton Swim Club coaches Jacob Ayers (Wheaton North and Wheaton Warrenville South) and Chris del Galdo (Glenbard North and Glenbard East) are current High School Coaches, along with honorary coach Dan Witteveen (Lake Park)

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  • Previous Seasons
  • IHSA 2014-15 State Cuts (girls) (boys) 2012-13)
  • IHSA 2014-15 Sectional and State Meet Info (girls) (boys) 2012-13)
  • Wheaton Co-op Link (WWS and WNHS)

2016-17 State Qualifiers

Julia Hall - 200 medley relay, 200 free relay
Natialie Hey - 200 medley relay, 200 free relay
Ahalya Lettenberger - 200 free, 100 free, 100 breast
Beth Vetter - 500 free
Hannah Wessel - 200 medley relay

2016-17 High School Girls (list is still a work in progress :) )

Grace Becker - Lake Park
Corrin Bottom - Wheaton Co-op
Skyler Budny - Glenbard West/South*
Lauren Clemens - Wheaton Co-op
Evie Dohm - Wheaton Co-op
Maya Donnelley - Wheaton Co-op
Sydney Dunlap - Wheaton Co-op
Emmie Fister - Wheaton Co-op
Cristina Hartel - Wheaton Co-op
Julia Hall - Glenbard West/South*
Ainsley Heistand - Wheaton Co-op
Natalie Hey - Naperville Central*
Shannon Johnson - Wheaton Co-op*
Becca Lang - Wheaton Co-op*
Ahalya Lettenberger - Glenbard West/South
McKenzie Maher - Naperville Central
Sarah Mueller - Wheaton Co-op*
Shannon Murphy - Lake Park
Sam Niecestro - Wheaton Co-op*
Peyton Nufer - Fenwick
Meijia Oltman - Wheaton Co-op*
Madison Pomeroy - Wheaton Co-op
Ally Phillips - Wheaton Co-op*
Kristen Phillips - Wheaton Coop
Shannon Rajchel - Wheaton Co-op
Claire Russell - Naperville North*
Olivia Schroeder - Wheaton Co-op
Cameron Simpson - Wheaton Co-op
Paige Smith - Benet*
Skyler VerHagen - Wheaton Co-op
Elizabeth Vetter - Downers South*
Rachel Wells - Wheaton Co-op
Hannah Wessel - Naperville North**
Taylor Wessel - Naperville North*

2016-17 High School Boys (list is still a work in progress!)

Austin Blaser - Wheaton Co-op*
Jake Cankar - Wheaton Co-op*
Andrew Dai - Naperville Central*
Jay German - Wheaton C-op
Sullivan Gregory - Naperville North
Joe Harshbarger - Wheaton Co-op
Anton Hutchinson - Fenwick*
Liam Hutchinson - Fenwick***
Justin Kirincich - Wheaton Co-op
Nick Kostecka - Wheaton Co-op*
JP McAveeney - Benet**
Justin Park - Glenbard North/East*
Martin Paskevicius - Naperville North
Lucas Petrusich - Wheaton Co-op
Alex Potratz - Wheaton Co-op
Gage Ridinger - Glenbard West/South
Sam Reese - Wheaton Co-op**
Aidan Robbins - West Chicago
Praneet Thirkateh -  Naperville North
Sean Toriyama - Glenbard North/East*
Bennet Witteveen - Glenbard North/East*
Joey Yuan - Naperville North*

*Returning or Current Sectional Participant
**Returning State Qualifier
***Returning State Finalist

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