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Private Lessons

Private lessons are available year-round for both children and adults. Please contact our private lessons coordinator Chris del Galdo at chris@wheatonswimming.com to set up a schedule which works for you.

All lessons are taught at Wheaton College. Private lessons are $35 per half hour and semi-private lessons are $25 per half hour per person.

Available Private Lesson times change with each season.  This is a general schedule of available lesson time.

August 15 - April 1 - weekdays 6pm to 7:45pm and Saturday mornings and afternoons.

April 1 - June 1 - weekdays 4pm to 6:30pm and Saturday mornings and afternoons.

June 1 - August 1 - weekdays 8am to 11:30, 1:30 to 6:30pm and Saturday mornings and afternoons.

*We can schedule private lessons during the scheduled open swim time at the Wheaton College pool (weekday mornings and evenings after 7:45pm in the Fall and Winter) with permission from the SRC building staff and a small guest pass fee.  This can be useful for home schooled children as well as adult swimmers who would like to fit in a lesson before work or at lunch time.  If you a interested in scheduling "off time" private lessons please contact Chris. 







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