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The Wheaton Swim Club has recently upgraded to a new registration platform called Swim Manager.  Read all about our transition on our Swim Manager Info page.  Your "old" account was on a platform called "Thriva."  While both platforms are owned by the same company (Active.com) you have separate accounts and logins for each.  Follow the links below for access.

 "Old" Account (Thriva)
"New" Account (Swim Manager)
Access Your "Old" Account

 Access Your New Account / Portal

 Any swim team, clinic, or lessons registration up through Fall/Winter 2015-16.  Any diving registration up through May 2016.  Any swim meet up through Dec 2015
 Any swim team, lesson, or clinic registration beginning spring 2016.  Any diving registration beginning summer 2016.  Any swim meet beginning January 2016


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